Parent Meet Information

Should my child compete?

The Chinook Swim Club is a competitive club and we would like to encourage all swimmers to compete at some level.  Competition allows swimmers to set personal goals and work to reach them.  Meets help to give swimmers a direction and focus in their training.  Swimmers feel a sense of accomplishment when they can see what their hard work is doing for their swimming. Comradery among team mates is developed as athletes work together to achieve their goals. Team work, goal setting and a hard work ethic will transfer over into the athlete’s school and work life as they progress in the sport. For the young athlete, our mini meets are the perfect introduction to competitive swimming.  As athletes progress in the sport there are more advanced meets for them to attend depending on their level and commitment. 

A common comment I hear is that my child is not interested in competition.  A lot of children feel pressure and fear when it comes to competition and I feel that this is holding them back from the full experience of competitive swimming.  As a parent, you can help them overcome this by bringing them to a mini meet just to watch. Sometimes this helps to take away the fear of the unknown.  After this they can enter one event if they like.  Sometimes this slow introduction is just what athletes need to realize that swimming is about them and their goals.  It isn’t about the person in the lane next to you. Because swimming is time based, athletes can see their improvements each time they dive in the pool and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

At some point athletes will also have a swim that is disappointing.  Realizing that failure can be a valuable learning experience is important.  From failure athletes will learn what they need to do to improve.  Athletes and coaches will work together to adjust goals and training objectives to work towards a more desired outcome. This is a valuable life skill that will transfer into other aspects of their life.  Overall meets are valuable for the athlete to see how they are progressing in the sport and to be part of a team.  Come out and have fun with the Chinooks!

Signing up for Meets

Approximately three weeks prior to a meet, each swimmer who is eligible for the meet will receive an electronic invitation via our website.  Families will be able to sign their swimmers up for all or part of a meet, and that information will then be collected electronically by the coaches, who will enter your child in the appropriate events.  You will receive a bill for the meet fees on the following month's invoice.  Once events are submitted there will not be any changes. 

Types of Swim Meets

MINI Meets
Your child will usually start out competing at Mini Meets which are a great opportunity to introduce competitive swimming to the novice swimmer in a fun, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This is all that most 5 -7 year old swimmers need. Mini Meets take place in Sechelt , at our pool, usually on Monday afternoons. They last approximately 3 hours and are sometimes held with Special Olympics and our local masters swimmers. These are non-sanctioned meets (no upgrade in insurance/registration). This is a time to take away the fear of meets by coming and participating with your team and having fun.  Parents are encouraged to come and participate with their athletes as it shows them that you are there to support them and their goals. 

Regional/Sanctionned Swim Meets
Sanctioned meets are ones that your swimmer needs to have a 200 IM time under 4 minutes.  This can be achieved in practice or at a mini meet.  This meet is usually geared towards older swimmers, although they try to have the10 & Under swimmers done by noon. The Main Meet is sanctioned through SwimBC, so swimmers must ensure that they are appropriately insured (check with your coach) and their times will be recorded as official. These are really fun meets for the athletes to travel to together. Some of them require that we stay overnight at the location of the meet.  This is a great team building experience. 

Qualifying Meets

Provincials is a qualifying meet. - Swim BC Time standards are posted on the Swim BC website as Tier I and Tier II time standards and change every year based on the top 50 times in the province from the year before. These are the times swimmers must achieve in order to attend Provincial level swim meets. Athletes qualifying for Tier I need two qualifying times and then they can pick up to 8 events from there. Athletes qualifying for Tier II only need one qualifying time but they can only swim the events that they qualify in. These meets are in a Heats and Finals format (all swimmers will race in the Heats to compete for a spot to swim among the fastest 8 in that event in the Finals). This introduces to our swimmers the challenge of swimming under pressure. These meets are often held at the premier pools in the Province.  It is an honour for athletes to qualify for this meet.

Western and National Level Swim Meets
Again, these are qualifying meets for which swimmers must have achieved certain time standards in order to attend. For National level meets, the time standards are set by SNC (Swimming/Natation Canada, check the web site) and apply to the entire country. These time standards reflect the achievements of the most elite swimmers in Canada. The meets are held twice a year (short course season, February/March and long course season, July/August).