Chinook Swim Club

The Chinook Swim Club was established in 1989 and has been supporting youth swimming from the developmental to the competitive level. Our focus is to provide our athletes with a dynamic experience that focuses on team work, leadership, and sportsmanship. Athletes train together and support each other as they work towards their personal and team goals. Coaches work with their athletes to identify their goals and support them in achieving them through program development. 

Our program offers varying levels of commitment from our athletes. We have programs for athletes wanting to learn the basics of swimming for ages 7-10. Once those are established, they can decide if they would like to enter our cross-training group that swims twice a week or if they would like to join the Junior group that trains 3 times a week. This allows athletes to cross-train or commit to swimming as their primary sport. Once an athlete becomes more committed in the sport of swimming they will move into the Junior/senior or Provincial groups where the training is 6-10 hours per week. At this level, our swimmers are competing in sanctioned meets throughout BC and moving to the Provincial level.  

Over the past four years our club has undergone many changes. Our coaches have completed certification through swim BC to allow us to train our athletes and compete at the provincial/National/Trials level. Ongoing certification is maintained through swim BC and Swim Canada. Athletes are training more and seeing the results in their personal times. This year we participated in many virtual meets held by SwimBC and Swimming Canada. As our athletes spend more time together working towards a common goal you see the comradery grow amongst them, which has been rewarding to be a part of.  Together we challenge each other to grow as individuals and athletes.